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Frozen Mutton Cacase, U/16, 20 and 24 kgs., Bone in Mutton Legs, Boneless Mutton Legs, Mutton Tenderloin, Mutton Square Cut Shoulder, Mutton Backstrap, Mutton Loin, Sheep Liver, Kidney etc...

Frozen Lamb Rack(frenched & normal), Lamb Loin, Boneless Lamb Legs, Bone in Lamb Legs, Whole Lamb Carcase, Lamb Square Cut Shoulders, Lamb Forequarters, Lamb Shank etc...

We offer sheep carcass mutton cubes, which are freshly cut and packed in perfect food grade packaging. Our sheep carcass are thoroughly trimmed for the perfect taste and flavor.



Delta Group is committed to a ‘customer comes first’ philosophy, through development of an environment that fosters quality excellence, continuous improvement and a perfect partnership with its clients. Working in a team sprit towards a common vision our committed and dedicated management and staff will strive to satisfy the exact client requirement in the most cost effective manner